Lawyers For Family And Personal Injury In Nova Scotia

When you are facing a family law conflict or facing serious injuries, you need to take practical steps to achieve resolution. MDW Law is a Halifax law firm committed to families: seeing people through divorce, separation, parenting arrangements, estate planning and other important life events like seeking compensation after an accident. With compassion and sensitivity, we can help find the solution that best meets your legal and personal needs.

Notable Legal Experience And Personal Service

Our lawyers bring relevant and tangible experience to our practice. Members of our team are former commercial litigators with extensive experience and knowledge of the legal issues surrounding complex asset division and business ownership. MDW Law was also involved in one of the most notable jurisdictional case in Nova Scotia, contributing to our knowledge of extra-provincial residency issues and assets held outside of the region.

This litigation experience helps drive our firm's handling of serious personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and other incidents. We will stay by your side to put you in the best position to recover the compensation you deserve.

In addition to our decades of family law, personal injury and estate planning experience, you will appreciate our capable legal representation and the personal service we provide. We have chosen to practice family, personal injury and estate law because of our passion for this work. We are people-oriented, and we take the time to truly listen to you.

Establishing Agreements And Finding Common Ground Between Parties

We provide advice on marriage agreements, personal injury, estate planning and other legal issues designed to provide a solid groundwork for your family. We can also help you grow your family through adoption, including stepparent and international adoption.

For those experiencing the breakdown of a relationship, our lawyers provide a responsive and dynamic approach to resolution. We encourage negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including collaborative family law. As our client, you will benefit from lawyers who will explain all of your options and recommend the most effective strategy for your unique situation.

Serving Clients Throughout Nova Scotia: Family Law And Personal Injury Lawyers

Our dedicated and experienced team offers practical solutions to complex legal problems. To learn how one of the family law and personal injury lawyers at Halifax's MDW Law can help you, please contact us to arrange a meeting. Call us at 902-707-4604 (800-950-4363 toll free) or contact us online.