Adopting a child is an exciting, life-changing event. Whether adoption happens in Nova Scotia by choice or circumstance, it involves a legal process. Our experienced family law adoption lawyers at MDW Law in Halifax guide adoptive parents through the adoption process, from overseeing the requisite paperwork to representation in court.

Adoptions can occur privately, between family members, or through the Department of Community Services. In Nova Scotia, all adoptions are governed by the Children and Family Services Act. To ensure that an adoption is completed as smoothly and efficiently as possible, our lawyers help adoptive parents understand all of the formal requirements of an adoption, which can vary significantly depending on the unique needs and facts of your case. Adoption by a step-parent or other relative will require different steps than an Agency adoption through the Minister of Community Services. These steps may include obtaining the consent of a biological parent, notifying the Minister of Community Services, or having a home study completed.

The family law team at MDW Law in Halifax – Bedford is skilled at building families by adoption. We have significant experience facilitating adoptions within family groups and have helped many stepparents, grandparents and other family members take on the legal role of parent. We are also familiar with the unique needs of same-sex parents who wish to adopt.

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