Fertility Law and Assisted Reproduction

Increasingly, families are turning to assisted reproduction to build their families. Whether parents use a designated or donor sperm, or donor or surrogate egg, there are a myriad of legal issues that must be addressed to provide familial security.

With assisted reproduction, parents may or may not have a genetic tie to the child. Before proceeding with a surrogacy, egg donation or sperm donation it is therefore imperative that parents have a comprehensive legal agreement in place. An Egg or Sperm Donor Contract or Surrogacy Agreement will ensure that each party is fully apprised of his or her rights and responsibilities within the relationship.

For those who are considering donating sperm or eggs, it is also recommended that you meet with a lawyer to discuss the legal implications of the decision.

Assisted reproduction is a complicated and evolving area of family law. The lawyers at MDW Law in Halifax have forged connections throughout the country to assist families in navigating this dynamic field.


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