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The family law lawyers at MDW Law in Halifax, Nova Scotia, have chosen to practice family law because of our passion for this work. We are solution-oriented, and we take the time to truly listen to you. With compassion and sensitivity, we can chart a clear course to resolution.

Family law is unlike other areas of the law. These disputes can be particularly painful as they usually arise between a spouse or the parent of your child. Often, it is children who are the subject of disagreements. Concerns about your financial security can add to the stress of these situations. During this time, it is important to retain an experienced family lawyer who can navigate through the crisis, conflict and emotions to find the best solution for you and your family.

Choosing a process of dispute resolution is one of the first decisions we will help you make. At MDW Law, we are experienced and effective courtroom advocates for our clients’ interests. We also help you explore alternative options for resolving family law conflicts, such as collaborative family law, mediation and negotiation.  

Located in Halifax, our family lawyers work everyday with clients to navigate the legalities of many life events. We create cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts designed to provide a solid groundwork for your relationship. We can also help you grow your family through adoption, including stepparent and international adoption. For those experiencing the breakdown of a relationship, our lawyers provide a responsive and dynamic approach to dispute resolution.  

We are committed to listening to you and understanding the subtleties of your specific case. We know that every action we take as lawyers has a direct impact on how your family law issues are resolved. As our client, we stay in constant communication with you, involving you in every decision and step of the process. This approach allows us to offer practical solutions to complex legal problems.

Our firm has developed a network of outside professionals whom we call upon to help understand and strengthen your case. We value the work of family therapists, psychologists, accountants, valuators and other experts.

To learn how one of the family law lawyers at MDW Law can help you, please contact us at our Halifax offices to arrange a meeting.

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