Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

While no one wants to plan for a relationship to end, a domestic agreement such as a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract is often a strong foundation for a relationship. Domestic agreements, commonly referred to as prenuptial agreements, are typically created in anticipation of marriage or cohabitation, but can also be drafted after you are already living with your partner. These legal documents can establish the rights and responsibilities of you and your partner in the relationship, and address financial matters and issues of property division in the event that you decide to separate in the future.

At MDW Law in Halifax, our lawyers understand the sensitive nature of these legal contracts. We ask our clients a series of questions to determine the purpose of their agreement in their unique circumstances. We ensure that we have a full understanding of the financial circumstances of both parties.

As well as negotiating and drafting agreements on your behalf, we will review and provide advice on an agreement drafted by your partner’s lawyer. If you have an existing marriage agreement and are pursuing divorce, we will review and analyze the agreement to determine whether the contract can be upheld or challenged.

Throughout the process, our team of family lawyers will ensure that your views are considered and your questions are answered. Please contact us at our Halifax office to find out how we can help you.

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