At MDW Law in Halifax, our family law lawyers understand that a decision to stop living together is a major life event. We can help resolve all legal aspects of a separation, whether between married couples or common law partners, including same-sex couples. As a solution-oriented firm, we work with clients to reach a resolution that is thorough, fair and tailored to your interests and needs.

We can help you reach successful resolution in different ways. Our lawyers are skilled courtroom advocates, experienced in protecting clients’ rights and in the preparation and drafting of separation agreements. Separation agreements can be negotiated through traditional means or through other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative family law. Together, we will determine the best option for your particular circumstances.  

We will help you resolve a number of legal issues which may include:

  1. Child custody, access and shared parenting;
  2. Child support;
  3. Spousal support; and/or
  4. Division of assets and debts.  

We know that each separation is a unique case and resolution of your issues can be an emotional process. We will work with you to determine which child custody and parenting arrangement best meets your family’s needs and children’s well-being.

We also act as advocates for your and your children’s financial security, working with you to obtain a fair division of your matrimonial property. If you have not have been involved in the financial decisions of your relationship, you may be especially vulnerable during this part of separation proceedings. and feel vulnerable. We will prepare financial disclosure statements and obtain your partner’s disclosure to ensure you understand your financial situation and rights and that your assets and debts are divided in a manner that reflects your contributions to the family. Please contact us at our Halifax or Bedford office to find out how we can help you.



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