Personal Injury... Starting from Scratch

Over 4 years ago I had a vision and goal to build a personal injury practice that delivered personalized legal solutions with excellence and empathy

Tara Miller – May 2019

Time flies!  The power of social media reminded me this morning it has been 4 years since I arrived at MDW Law in May of 2015 to develop a personal injury practice.  Thank you LinkedIn for the reminder and for all of the supportive and congratulatory emails I received today.

What an experience it has been.  Over 4 years ago I had a vision and goal to build a personal injury practice:

The development and growth of a business is a journey which involves many ups and downs.  It’s like raising a child through various stages of life!  Success can be defined in so many ways with my view of it firmly rooted in the following:

  1. Being reminded of the very real impact lawyers and legal teams have on their clients. It is a privilege to practice law and to receive feedback such as “I have been feeling very grateful for the support you gave us during my personal injury claim. Your respect for me was very obvious and greatly appreciated. You valued me and sought the best outcome you could for my claim. You made the whole experience a positive one for our family during a challenging time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! We will highly recommend you to anyone we know needing a personal injury lawyer”;
  1. I arrived at MDW Law 4 years ago with an empty filing cabinet but the unreserved support of my business partners (Angela Walker and Christine Doucet) who shared my vision for the delivery of legal services. What a pleasure it has been to work with them and our newest partner, Laura Kaanan, to build a firm that exists to help people transition and solve problems during the hardest times in their lives;
  1. I am tremendously grateful for the support of the dedicated and talented personal injury group (Kelly Dion, Allison Harris, Alix Digout and Stella Settle) who joined me in the pursuit and support of the vision. Our clients truly benefit from the dedication of all members of the MDW Law team;
  1. The support the MDW Law personal injury group has received with referrals from many clients (current and former), along with colleagues in the legal, medical and insurance fields.  I’ve also had the benefit of the mentorship of and collaboration with many people whose opinions and perspective I value deeply; and
  1. The support of my family through the reality of building a business along with practicing law. Four years ago, my then 11-year-old daughter wrote me the following note after I shared with her and her brother my decision to change career paths:

Congratulations!  I am so proud of you!  The decision you made must have been a tuff one to make, but you followed your heart and are now an owner of a law firm!  I am so excited for you.  You will never know how proud I am of you.  There may be moments in the future where you are stressed and are overwhelmed with work but just remember, if you work hard you will never fall behind in your work.  I am so proud of you mom.  I know that this is a decision that you will never forget. 

I made you this book so that you can doodle in it at work (if your ever bored).  I love you so much and know that you will never regret this.  Here is a doodle to start you off!!       MDW LAW “M” stands for mom!            Luv ya!

Here’s to the continued journey and to assisting many more people with legal services just like I would want for myself, my family and my friends!  With you, for you.

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