MDW Law... Meet Your Team!

November 2015

MDW Law is a Halifax based law firm with a province wide scope committed to individuals and their families.  Our lawyers provide personal service while helping clients navigate through challenging and important life events such as serious personal injury claims, divorce, separation, parenting arrangements, and wills and estate planning.  With compassion and sensitivity, we can help find the solution that best meets your legal and personal needs.

Our lawyers bring relevant and tangible experience to your file.  Members of our team are former civil and commercial litigators with extensive experience and knowledge of the legal issues surrounding complex asset division and business ownership.  MDW Law was also involved in one of the most notable jurisdictional case in Nova Scotia, contributing to our knowledge of extra-provincial residency issues and assets held outside of the region.

This wealth of litigation experience also helps drive our firm’s handling of serious personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and other incidents. We will stay by your side to put you in the best position to recover the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers believe alternative dispute resolution leading to early settlement is in the best interest of most clients.  We have a wealth of experience in mediation, arbitration and settlement oriented conferences and are trained in collaborative family law.  Our lawyers also provide mediation services.

In addition to our decades of family law, personal injury, and wills and estate planning experience, you will appreciate our capable legal representation and the personal service we provide. We have chosen to practice family, personal injury, wills and estate law because of our passion for this work. We are people-oriented, and we take the time to truly listen to you.  Our focus is on you.

Stayed tuned over the next few weeks as we share more with you about the lawyers on our talented team…!

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