Family Law... Using Technology to Improve Post-Separation Co-Parenting

Angela Walker – December 2015


There are “apps” and web-based programs to organize almost every aspect of our lives.  It should come as no surprise that there are programs on the market to assist with co-parenting and establishing better communication following separation. With the Holiday season on the horizon, and the New Year ahead, it is a great time to reflect on ways to simplify and destress your life to improve your co-parenting relationship. This is one of them.

We frequently recommend that parents start using a Google calendar. This is a free service and each parent can subscribe to the calendar. Parents can then each add events of significance to the calendar as they arise.  Medical appointments, school concerts, extra-curricular activities and special family events can all be posted to the calendar so that each parent is aware of significant dates.

There are also web-based programs that are specifically designed to help parents co-parent from two different homes. “Our Family Wizard” is a web-based program that can be used to organize schedules, finances, store critical information (i.e. doctor’s name and phone number) and to maintain a journal that can be accessed by both parents.  This can be used to record notes that may be helpful to share between households.  “Our Family Wizard” also has a mobile app. There are other similar programs like “Two Happy Homes or 2Houses, among others. It is interesting to note that Family Courts across the country are now ordering parents to use these programs to foster the development of respectful communication.

Mobile and web-based parenting tools offer a lot of benefits:

Regardless of what type of program you choose, these tools can make a measurable difference in improving communication and therefore, reducing stress in your life.
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